Solar Panel Installation in Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir is one of the largest princely states of India. It is popularly known as the ‘Heaven on Earth’. To the east of J & K is the Indian union territory, Ladakh, and to the south are the states, Himachal Pradesh and Punjab. The economy of this state is largely dependent on agriculture. The climate of Jammu experiences extreme summer highs whereas winters here are the coldest of all the states. From June to September, the state receives a bulk of rainfall throughout the season.

Problems faced by people in Jammu

The people living in Jammu face a number of problems in their everyday life. A few are them are discussed below:

The areas that are near the highways linking Delhi to Jammu have issues of voltage fluctuations and power instability.
The power failures are a result of old power infrastructure, massive power leakages, and the system’s inability to handle heavy loads. This has a huge impact on the daily lives of people in Jammu and Kashmir.
       Also, the weather of Jammu makes it difficult for people to trust Solar systems to solve their problems related to power issues.
       Many times, the internet connection is cut off for days creating huge chaos for the people.

Many people have bought an inverter battery to save themselves from the situation but even an inverter battery needs voltage stability to work. Also, the stabilizers didn’t help the customers to get power stability.

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